Transform your hiring via games and emotion recognition

WehireAI helps companies be more cost-effective and data driven during selection process using neuroscience game based assessments and emotion recognition technology

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Make your hiring mobile and data-driven

WehireAI is a smart hiring solution - the synergy of neuroscience, games and artificial intelliegence technology.

Ready to use valid assessments

WehireAI has 13+ validated assessments, which measure a huge spectrum of traits: multitasking, risk tolerance, fairness, abstract reasoning and more.

Define the most suitable candidates

We assess top employees in your company and build a target digital profile based on their results. Target digital profile defines a set of necessary traits for being successful at the job. Afterwards, a target profile is used for selecting the best and most suitable candidates.

Get more insights about candidate

WehireAI combine neuroscience game based assessments and emotion recognition. It allows to receive more bias-free data, predict candidates fit based on machine learning algorithms and get deep insights about their personality.

Increase brand awareness

Game-based assessments provide a unique experience,  decrease stress level and improve candidates interactions with your brand. Excellent engagement is important!

Score candidates

After completing all assessments we provide a report about every candidate, which compares candidate’s profile with target profile and gives you a fit score to make better hiring decisions.

Take your selection process to a new level

Introducing set of neuroscience assessments with emotion recognition algorithms WehireAI enables innovative companies make hiring process more fair, digital and data-driven.


Bahavioral scientifically-proven techniques assess crucial attitudes and traits in enjoyable candidate-friendly way.

Emotion AI

Emotion recognition allows to collect more than 25,000 data points which helps deeper understand candidate’s potential and choose the best talent for your company.

Defeat bias

Prejudice negatively affects hiring decisions. Algorithms provide validated behavioral data, that assess real potential and ensure bias-free.

Increase your hiring efficiency

Reduction direct
cost per hire

Decrease indirect cost per hire (after 1 year)

Cut interview
pre-selection hours

Our mission

Our mission is to help companies attract and select top talents using modern technologies
We believe every company has their unique culture, experience and people.
Selection process should be based on these unique information about people within the company and score candidates according to this data

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